Tuesday, November 3, 2015

zugs and buggers.

many lakes around here closed for the season just as we here in the northwest turned back our clocks an hour in a feeble attempt to save some of the rapidly diminishing daylight.  i spent a couple of days this past week getting in my last licks on some of these lakes with my trusty water master and a couple of lovely light fly rods both old and new.

zug bugs and plain 'ole wooly buggers like these were the flies of choice.  i tie many different flies of varying complexities but when it comes to the files that go on the end of my line, the simpler the better.  i just love to fish classic simple patterns that have been catching fish for decades and are tied using materials that have been around even longer than that.

one day i fished the newest member of my rod collection (family, sickness, addiction, whatever) a sage 390-4 one.  stiff and fast and, to me, perhaps closer to a true 4wt. than an actual 3.  this rod is super smooth, deadly accurate, and generates some wicked line speed with ease.  what a laser cannon that thing is!

no problem being "johnny on the spot" with this rod on any fish that surfaced in a ninety foot radius.

the next time out i went to the complete opposite end of the fly rod spectrum and fished a bamboo four weight that my buddy dean built a while back.  the northwest fall was in full force that day and it rained the entire time i was out on the lake.  if you are not willing to fish in rain, then the northwest is not for you.

though i have had this rod for quite a while now and have caught many a peacock bass and red devil with it, this was the first time i used it trout fishing... finally doing what the rod was intended to do.

...and it did it well.  casting and fishing this rod is simply pure joy.

there are still a number of lakes around that remain open all year round and you can be sure i will be exploring those in the coming months.  for the lakes i have fished so far this year, i'll be seeing you next spring for more good times.


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