Monday, September 28, 2015

new flies: squimps and specials.

With the easy breezy summer in the islands (well not that breezy this summer) coming to an end.  i thought it would be a good idea to share a few new flies that may just come in handy during the fast approaching fall and winter seasons.  these flies are not exactly new.  they are just slightly tweaked versions of old go to favorites.

the squimp

the squimp is a fly that i like to use on those "tough" late fall and winter days.  over the years it has proven itself as a day saver more times than i can remember.  shallow water bones are always awesome but, as anyone who has done a lot of bonefishing in hawaii knows, sometimes you gotta go big, bright, and deep.  that's where this fella really shines.


the wary golden trevally will also fall for a squimp fished deep (where the golden is perhaps not so wary).  the squimp was definitely a day saver on this winter day.

the specials

the reef special is my all time go to baitfish imitation fly.  i came up with this fly in the mid nineties by combining the attributes of a few of the most popular saltwater flies at the time (and still today).   the reef special incorporates parts of charlie smith's crazy charlie, bob clouser's clouser minnow, and chico fernandez's version of the bendback.


the clouser minnow, crazy charlie, and bendback all influenced the creation of the reef special.

over the years, the reef special also proved itself as a superior bonefish fly for hawaiian waters.  like the flies that it was influenced by, it is one of those "will catch anything that swims" flies.

i tied up a brown/tan version of the reef special combining the two most popular hawaii bonefish fly colors.

"tan and brown" special.

hawaii bones love the reef special and they love tan and brown colors.

i also tied up a "cichlidae" version of the reef special for fall peacock bass on lake wilson.  at times on the lake, bass and peacocks will school up and chase schools of threadfin shad.  known locally as "busting fish"  these feeding frenzies can happen at any time on the lake but generally tend to happen more in the fall months.  usually when the peacocks and bass are "busting" just about anything thrown into the fracas will get bit.  there are, however, those days when you encounter what i call the "tough" bust.  fish will be hitting bait on the surface but for whatever reason, they will not hit shad lures or flies.  in these situations. i have often done well throwing flies that more closely resemble cichlids.  i'm not sure why that is.  maybe they are trying to take out the competition.  maybe in all the excitement, it just triggers their innate hatred of other members of the "family".  peacocks do really seem to hate (and love to eat) other chichlids including other members of their own species.

"cichlidae" special.

try a cichlid colored pattern like the cichlidae special next time you find yourself in the middle of a wahiawa "tough" bust.

well that's it for now.  who knows what will come flying off the ole norvice next... stay tuned to find out and, as always, good times.


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  1. dang, thats a beaut of a paopao, meister! how do i get my hands on a few of those reef specials?