Monday, January 19, 2015

learn something new everyday 1/19/15

the flying gurnard

okay so craig checked in today with pics of one of my old friends the flying gurnard.  thanks for sending me the pics and giving us our topic for today.

if you spent enough time on the water in hawaii you probably have run into this odd feller more than a time or two.  a quick google search shows that the flying gurnard is a part of the dactylopteridae family of fish.  that fact, to us mere mortal fishermen, means absolutely nothing.  it is good though to throw out there if you want to try to act like you are knowledgeable about fish or a local fishery.  i love guys that do that (not really), but it is kind of funny when i hear it... yeah whatever dude no one cares and you still suck!  i would advise steering clear of those types.


anyway what i do personally know about our friend the flying gurnard is that: 

- they will eat bonefish flies quite readily.

- they are not poisonous, but look like they are.

- the hawaiian name for the flying gurnard is loloa'u or pinao which is dragonfly in hawaiian.

- i did not know the hawaiian name until just now (but, hey, learn something new everyday right?)

- the ones on oahu are generally between ten and twelve inches with "wingspans" of about the same.

- when hooked they fight somewhat like a goatfish but a bit slower.  still pretty strong for their size.

- they totally gross me out and i don't like touching them when i hook them.  forceps or pliers do come in handy now and then!

- flying gurnards are probably eaten by someone in hawaii... just not me nor anyone i know.

the flying gurnard... don't really know why evolution came up with that guy aside from it being good fodder for learning something new everyday.


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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

learn something new everyday 01/13/15

so here we are in 2015 and i thought i would start a new thing i am calling "learn something new everyday".  i will try to put up some bit of information or tip on fly fishing/ fly tying/ life.  some stuff will be basic for the beginner others for the more advanced.  i'll even have stuff (of course) for the "soul" fishers and the philosophical.  knowing me, some of it will also be ridiculous and idiotic, but that is what freedom of speech is all about right?  so here goes with fire one...

it is only fitting that i kick this off on the day after my beloved university of oregon just got straight up beat by a damn good ohio state team in the college football national championship.  while wallowing in the agony of defeat today i was reminded of two important sayings that i personally always use.  these sayings, if remembered and applied in the appropriate situations, will help anyone improve whether it be at fly fishing, fly tying , or anything else for that matter.

- no matter how good you are... there is always someone better.

- sometimes like that.

think about how those sayings can help you become a better fly fisher... and learn something new everyday.

not even my "magic" jello could stop the ohio state buckeyes last night.  oh well... sometimes like that.


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