Tuesday, December 23, 2014

happy holidays

merry christmas and happy new year e'rybody!

boy!  2014 has flown by and has turned out to be one of the biggest years of my life.  lots of changes to the life of clay as we know it and (for a change) all for the better!

for those not in the know, i relocated to the great northwest in august of this year.  the shop (nervous water fly fishers, inc.) is still doing well under the watchful eye of my friend and business partner sean.

if you weren't aware that i had moved, don't feel bad.  i was hardly aware of it myself.  one day i am out fly fishing on the reefs of oahu as i have done for the past twenty or so years and the next thing i know i am living in the northwest with the girl of my dreams (who i actually dated in the eleventh grade and, i guess, never really got over). 

our tenth grade winter ball picture where apparently i jumped into the car before letting her in...  always the gentleman.

junior prom.

circa 1987 selfie long before there was such a thing as a selfie.  back then you had to wait to finish the roll of film, then had to wait for longs drugs to develop the film, before you could even see the pictures.  remember that?

twenty seven years later...

the pack...
in addition to my girlfriend kristie, i also now have two doggies mattie and roxy, and an awesome roommate jen.

roxy (a.k.a. rox box, doodles, fun doodles, evil, evil butt, evil doodle, doodle bug, doodle butt, butt butts, rox star, cling dog) is my 10 year old jack russell.

mattie (a.k.a. matters, envy, bun bun, bunz, bunzer, bun bunz, bun butz, bunzerelli, bunzerooski, beagle buns, beagle bunzerooski, baby buns, baby dog, baby girl, beagle beagle bun dog, mad hatter, the claw, claw dog, spry, square, incredible reversing dog) is my 15 year old beagle.

mattie is an old girl (15 years) and has had some health problems this year which has kept us busy.  at her worst point (right before the thanksgiving holiday) she could not pee all day due to a blood clot from the tumor in her bladder.  we thought we would have to put her down that evening.  she had until 7pm (when the vet closed) to pass the clot or it would be lights out for her and very dark days ahead for us, her "pack".  needless to say it was a very intense day.  just when it looked like all hope was gone mattie peed out a huge blood clot at 4:45pm!!!  is that crazy or what?!?!  since then i am happy to report that mattie has been great.  she eats well and has been quite an energetic 15 year old beagle.  it is truly a joy to see her (still) enjoying her golden years.

this is my roommate jen, she is a cross fit trainer/junkie.  she also became a yoga instructor this year...

but those talents are nothing when compared to her ability to EAT!

jen also just bought herself one of those longboard skateboards and is now a skater chick as well.  i have not ridden the board yet but you bet i will soon.

life changes...
adjusting to life in the northwest has been easy for me.  i have always liked this part of the country ever since i attended the university of oregon.  as i released my last rainbow trout on middle fork of the willamette in oregon, before heading back to hawaii, i had a feeling i would somehow end up living here again... and here i am.

since moving, there has been many changes in my daily routine.  i have only fished three times.  i have followed in my dad's footsteps and now wash dishes and clothes a lot.  no, this is not because of kristie.  in fact kristie wants me to fish and is always telling me that i should go fishing (she is so awesome).  i have just had other things to do right now like settling in, walking dogs, and other household domestic stuffs.  my new years resolution is to get back to fishing and my christmas gift to myself this year will be a 2015 fishing license.  so rick, steve, and stan you guys better brush off your fly rods because we are gonna get on it soon!

i have been keeping in contact with water though (as all aquatic creatures like myself have to).  i swim 3000 meters (120 laps in a 25m pool)  five days a week at a nearby gym.

at the beginning of 2014 a finely crafted fly rod was an extension of my arm at the end of 2014 an inverted plastic bag has become an extension of my arm.  yes that is what you think it is.

2014 what a year...
all in all it was a banner year in the ole clay household.  got together with the love of my life and moved to the NW, met some great new people.  oregon won the pac 12 championship, brought the heisman trophy to eugene... and is still going!  ultimate good times.

holiday wishes...
to all of my new friends that i have met (as well as old friends i have reconnected with) this year  -  thanks for making me feel welcome.  i am looking forward to many more great times together.

to the oregon ducks and duck fans everywhere - go ducks!  we ain't done yet!  win the day!

to followers of my old blog on the nwff website -  now that i sort of know how to use this blogspot.com thang i will start doing more blogs on fly fishing/tying here in the upcoming year so stay tuned.

and finally to my fishing buddies and all the friends and family that i left behind in hawaii - sorry... i gotta see about a girl.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



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